Re-interpretation of Fictional Vegetal Structures arranged by Belgian creator Marie-Hélène Sion. Where it remains unclear if the fictional or real was the starting point of your journey, the result is symbiotic in its visual and sound arrangement, as well as in its quality to reinterpret the engaging work of another artist. SECRET_GARDEN contributes to elaborate future worlds here on planet Earth, on other planets and in virtual worlds including upcoming metaverses.

Collected vegetal structures and species alongside the roads are assembled into quasi-flower bouquets. As 3D scanned in-between worlds and objects they start a new existence – a world of various moods and expressions, piloted by random filters and algorithmic generators. Solo and collective movements, fading-in and out, and superpositions lead to the emergence of new imaginaries, free of any dogma and revealing other worlds. Aberrations and errors at the capturing stage become natural phenomena.

Gaze at gleamy mysterious existences floating around in an endless space of absorbing backlight and fractal or hyperbolic textures. Quirky and eerie sounds create a positive yet irritating connection with imaginary worlds on their trajectories though space and time. More than simple co-existence, images and video propose permanent dynamics between elements on their way of illusion. The video declinates its existence as immersive video-projection on all devices (limited edition of 3 or unique copy), and in a series of 100 unique frames, available as NFT, digital files or beautiful prints.

Artist 'copypzen' aka PETERMFRIESS is an independent, yet connected artist and researcher in offline and online worlds. Originally trained as specialist for manned spaceflight, he never gets bored about artificial intelligence, nano- and biotechnologies, transhumanism, space exploration and ecology. For him/he it is all about an emotional and aesthetically accessible representation of humanity’s existence and non-binary evolution.