Sensorial Existence
Futuro Shamanism
Connected Realities
Human Spaces Osmosis
Contemporary Architypes
Collective World Speculation

for actionable fusion of technology, sensory experience, societal evolution.
Desirable Being is to reconnect with the world, other lifeforms and ourselves.
The Institute’s activity is based on partnerships, parenting and exchange.

What does intelligence mean and how do we approach other forms of intelligence than human ‘I’? How do we try to connect to and respect bacteria, animals, plants, AI, aliens and future forms of existence? How to react if they challenge or intimidate us?

We are convinced that other intelligences can invite and help us to overcome Anthropocenic thinking. Our current rationality is based on linear and efficient progression, narrowing down our perception of existence? Being open for exchange with non-human lifeforms can help imagining and experiencing other existence(s) among ourselves and with others.

Beyond existing settings and conventions, we develop new ideas which represent another ‘perception’ and ‘thinking’ of the world. We create variants and patterns of visuals, shapes, forms, sounds, poems and feelings for opening up accessible perspectives. By recombining elements, creating stories and inviting for participation, the results can stimulate a positive, forward-looking sense and open up avenues for engagement.

Dealing with other intelligences and Artificial Intelligence is demanding and not straight forward. It is a learning process that will change the other and us.

Now we enter through the Mars portal and cannot believe our eyes: there is a whole new world like a science fiction movie. It is actually quite a cool destination for the next planetary base for humans. It is such a beautiful projection – starting off with re-usable rockets, effortlessly landing there, capturing energy through solar panels, melting ice for accessing natural resources, and 3d-printing all what is necessary. All this maintained and operated by fabulously powerful AI.

But what about us? People are very sensitive and like to alternate garden time with functional and efficient work. How will it be then, our Mars ‘habitation’? And is moving to Mars turning humans into a nicer species? Let’s imagine for a moment that we only fly to Mars for ‘flying back’ to Earth. Mars as a true large-scale pilot and playground for exploring romantic ideas of space, existence and nirvana. Going for reverse expansionism - mastery of difficulties and the unexpected, creating another version of humanity and reimport it to Earth.

We develop alternate stimulating visual/sound environments and living habitats including plants and food for the future. We provide moment to think and experiment a mindset-seed wish we would like to plant for our future.

Most of our everyday life experiences are multisensory in nature; what we see, hear, feel, taste, smell, and much more. These experiences have been increasingly transformed through technology, products, and services around us. And new human-brain interfaces and sensors announce additional ways of communication and interfacing with the other in the widest sense.

The relationship between the senses and technology has become very experimental dynamic in the past years, with open pathways to what the future of those experiences may look like, and our responsibility in it. And humans with different sensory and brain capabilities, e.g. of autistic people or all aspects of sensing within non-human lifeforms should enrich our knowledge of sensing and being).

The institute works on new sensory experiences and challenges common understanding of perception involving all 5 senses, rather than just the visual and auditive senses. Or bringing together deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people to experience music in the same way. To shape your own and other people’s experiences by considering the multisensory worlds that we live in through a journey between science, art and empathy.